Arscolor Interactive

Mobile App Development

We develop mobile applications for smartphones and tablets in native environment iOS and Android. 
We aim to create high performance apps for enterprise clients across iPhone, iPad, Android and the web.
  •  Automation and orders collection
  •  Business apps for planning and management
  •  ADV: games dev, coupon , brand apps
  •  News apps
  •  Remote control apps
  •  Online training
  •  Communication and messaging
  •  Music and video apps
  •  Geo location apps
  •  Social networking and blogging apps

The peculiarity of Arscolor Interactive is to pay close attention to the interface that means for us to develop a user-centric application, taking care of UI / UX (User Interface and User Experience). The importance of the interface is confirmed by our long experience with web application user experience monitoring and reporting.

We listen to the customer and we reason together, finally we provide ideas and consultancy considering the technological scenario, the target and project requirements. The result is to refine the idea of the customer and maximize the chances of success
It means putting the user at the center of the application, taking care with the utmost care aspects and UI / UX (User Interface and User Experience). 
Through the know-how developed over years of experience combined with the knowledge of the techniques of web-analytics we can monitor the way the application is used by the customer, so as to maximize the user experience and increase the levels of adoption. 
We develop the code, making sure to take the best technological solution for the specific project: native applications for iPhone, iPad, Android smartphones and tablets. In addition, we develop web app or hybrid applications in html5. 
We monitor user behavior, content most viewed and the actions of the device in relation to performance indicators (KPI) defined previously. It is an analysis of value-added useful both to improve the product and for any open channels of advertising.

Note: the English version of this site is not up to dated. Please, contact us for a presentation with the latest case studies.


Mobile & Web Apps in Arscolor Interactive on Slideshare (sorry, translation not available).

Mobile App Day 2013 conference including customer endorsements (translation not available).


  • Client Endorsement

    "Lavoriamo con Arscolor Interactive da molti anni e abbiamo sempre trovato in loro un partner veloce, efficace e propositivo. Anche quando le scadenze sembrano impossibili, siamo sempre riusciti a..."
    S.M. - Internet Manager di CNH Italia S.p.A.

Focus on

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  • Website development

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